Softshell for the mountains


The perfect garment for this winter, both for daily wear and for practicing any of your favourite outdoor sports. With Passenger Softshells , thank to the quality of their materials, they will keep you dry at all times.


Ideal for after sports, to dress more elegant but at the same time informal. Passenger launches a collection of coats for this winter. So that that you never clash on any date.

Reversible Coat for the mountains


Get two coats for the price of one! On the outside you will wear a practical softshell while its inside will become a striking and padded coat.

Fleece for the mountain


If you are looking for a practical, comfortable and versitile garment, do not miss the collection of fleeces with which Passenger surprises this season.

Jackets for the mountains


The novelty of this season, winter jacket with inner fleece lining.